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Become A Smile System Coach

Are you looking for a powerful, effective coaching tool to add to your toolkit?


Are you working with clients who need very simplified, straightforward, easily applicable techniques to help them move forward?

Incorporating The SMILE System™ into your coaching practice will be transformative for your clients. It will inspire them to see themselves, their lives and their challenges in a new and empowering way that will positively impact all areas of life.

Why train as a SMILE Coach?

The SMILE System™ will enhance the way you work with anyone who needs to shift their thinking and view their challenges in a positive, proactive, forward-thinking way.


What is The SMILE System™?

At the heart of it, The SMILE System™ is a framework that focuses on encouraging self-awareness and boosting self-efficacy to build confidence and resilience. 

It is psycho-educational, personal development programme built around 5 core principles or skills that will empower learners to make the most of their challenges and their life.


It is based on the foundation that positive thinking and a positive mental attitude are skills that can be learned, developed and mastered.


As a trained, certified SMILE System coach, you will learn how to guide your clients through one of the simplest personal development programmes in our industry. Complete with tried and tested worksheets, inspiring stories and anecdotes, powerful activities, reflective exercises and ongoing support (via The SMILE Association) you'll have everything you need to coach your clients in this life-enhancing coaching programme.


Whether your goal is to forge ahead in your business

or you simply need to add something special to your offering...



to take your coaching practice to the next level

“I believe that The SMILE System™ is a gift to the world. After having learned and applied The SMILE System in depth, on a personal level and with clients in my practice, I feel that due to its many layers, it is appropriate and gettable for anyone, at any stage of personal growth."

​​​Lisa M, Life & Consciousness Coach


“This inspiring  programme will enhance the way you live your life.”

Woman with Digital Tablet

“I found The SMILE System to be exceptionally beneficial and unique as a coaching tool/system. The strength of the system is that it allows one to examine one's life as a whole - it is not about facilitating a total life "overhaul" but about acknowledging one's strengths and areas of success in life. It also allows a refreshing look at "problems" as rather being opportunities to do and see things differently.” 

Stacey L, Physiotherapist

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