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Make The Most Of Your Challenges and Your Life

With Ronit’s Positive Living Programme

The SMILE System by Ronit Gerber


The Smile System: Six Powerful Practices to Help You Triumph Through Life's Ups and Downs Now Available in Paperback

The SMILE System will empower you to work through challenges and obstacles in a new way, to emerge more positive than ever before. I hope you’ll feel inspired to take action, shift the way you view challenges, cope with turmoil and handle more easily whatever life throws at you.


The SMILE System very powerfully reminded me who I am. 

It reminded me of where I was and that all things are possible. It gave me a sense of power and purpose. I don’t need to be ‘strong’ as the outside world sees me but can be honest and in that honesty is my strength.

I would certainly recommend this system, especially for someone who is experiencing change and feels out of control.


Rev. C Hina – UK


In this short introductory video Ronit explains

what The SMILE System is, who it's for and

how it can help you.

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