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CPD Courses & Workshops

Personal & Professional Development

About our Training Courses

All of our courses promote the idea that positive thinking and a positive mental attitude are skills that can be developed and indeed mastered by taking responsibility for how we view and deal with obstacles and challenges.

They are fun, practical and interactive courses that transform positive thinking concepts into applicable tools that can be used to work through all situations with positivity and confidence so that no matter what you’re dealing with, you remain strong, inspired and ready to move forward!

In this course, delegates will:


Develop their positive thinking skills.

Explore new ways to view and deal with obstacles.

Learn the secret to mastering their mindset when facing challenging situations.

Feel better equipped to deal with challenges in a proactive and empowering way.

Discover how to keep inspired and motivated so that they can better reach their goals.

The practical techniques that make up The SMILE System™ 
can be applied not just in the workplace, but to all aspects of life.




Foundation Course – Building Self Belief & Resilience

Seeing Things Differently – Choosing Your Perspective

Mastering Your Mindset – Transforming from Reactive to Creative

Inspire Yourself – Getting Inspired & Motivated

Letting Go – Managing Change with Ease

Embrace The Process – Becoming Solution Focused

Course / Workshop Outcomes

Participants will learn the foundations of The SMILE System™ including strategies, tools and techniques to incorporate this unique positive living, positive thinking framework into their daily lives thereby positively impacting their wellbeing and work with others.

They will explore a range of methods to support them in building resilience, nurturing self-belief and growing a positive mindset. They will be better equipped to identify and deal with areas of significant overwhelm, supported by a positive living, positive thinking framework that inspires an empowered approach to dealing with challenges.

This workshop will provide participants with the skills to:

  • See and deal with challenging situations in a positive and empowering way 

  • Develop personal strategies that support resilience and influence team cohesion

  • Approach all situations with self-awareness, self-reflection and self-efficacy 

  • Examine the impact of work-life balance on overall wellbeing

  • Deal with change proactively


They will learn:  

  • Processes that nurture self-belief and build resilience 

  • Tools to help them feel inspired and motivated

  • Insights that support growth 

  • Practical skills and exercises to regulate emotion

  • A basic physiological understanding of how emotions impact overall wellbeing 

  • Provide a process for adopting a creative, positive, solutions-focused approach 

  • Benefits:


This workshop will inspire:

  • Improved confidence

  • A greater depth of self-efficacy

  • Renewed commitment and motivation

  • Enhanced self-awareness and self-regulation 

  • A refreshed approach and outlook 

Who should attend?

Our training courses are for anyone wishing to build their resilience and learn new skills to help them view and deal with adversity in a more positive and empowering way to achieve greater success in business and in life.

All our courses are suitable for people who want to focus on their own development to achieve desired goals and develop their interpersonal skills. 

Through learning about yourself and how you deal with challenges you’ll be better equipped to adapt to your environment, transform your performance 

and exceed your goals.

Qualification etc.

Learning The SMILE System™ is an investment in yourself and your career, giving you essential life skills that you will continue to use I all areas of life, no matter where life takes you.

You will gain knowledge and skills that will help you stand out in a competitive landscape and thrive in your role - helping you to progress in your chosen career.

  • Improve your skillset to make your CV shine

  • Significantly increase your confidence

  • Prepare yourself to thrive during challenging situations

  • Gain an effective problem-solving mindset 

  • Learn to get the most out of both your personal and professional life

You will receive CPD points for each course you complete. Plus, each course you complete comes with a verifiable qualification so you can prove your range of professional skills.

How Is Our Training Delivered?

You can choose from a variety of SMILE System™ training packages to suit your schedule, purpose and budget. Our expert trainers can adapt your chosen package to align with your company’s mission and vision, taking your desired outcomes and business goals into account to create a tailored programme for your business’ needs. 


Where can you receive our training?

The SMILE System™ courses and workshops are usually run on-site, within your business premises but can also be held remotely, online via Zoom Meeting. 

(If required we can advise on sourcing suitable venues.)


How long is the course?

Our courses can be easily adapted to suit your needs and timetable. 

You can choose from:


A Full-Day Course

A Half-Day Course
A Bite-Size, Lunch and Learn Workshop

One to One Coaching Sessions

Course Content Adaptation

You can choose to have your training tailored to your company’s needs in the following way:


  • As a standard course - including exactly the content shown in the outline

  • As a tailored course - customised and adapted to suit your organisation’s needs

  • As a bespoke course - re-written from scratch to match your organisation's needs exactly (POA)


How Many People Can We Cater For?

Our corporate training and workshops can be easily adapted to suit small groups or several hundred delegates.

Exciting News

Our online training and interactive eLearning courses 
will be launching very soon.

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