Smile for Business

The SMILE Training Solution: 
A Unique Training Programme for Employee Wellbeing


SMILE Business Solutions offers an innovative training program designed to generate sustainable employee motivation, build resilience, increase motivation and drive by developing and instilling core positive thinking skills and proactive coping strategies.


Our approach is different because it combines a structured personal development tool (The SMILE System™) with powerful Mindfulness practices that work at a neural level to change patterns of stress reactivity, give people the ability to regulate their emotions as well as fostering empathy and compassion which all go towards building a more effective team. 


We deliver the training in a fun, experiential way that will not only benefit your staff at work but will also impact on their general well-being and their personal lives too.


The programme is designed to:

  • Develop a more inspired, motivated and invested team

  • Increase employee productivity, performance and motivation

  • Enhance confidence and “ownership”

  • Promote self-reliance and self-management

  • Improve staff attendance

  • Increase creativity and creative ideas

  • Develop flexibility and adaptability to change

  • Improve relationships

  • Enhance respect, trust and self-awareness


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How is our approach different?

As I am sure you may be aware, the majority of corporate training uses traditional methods to “tell” staff how to improve their skills. There is nothing wrong with this approach, however it ignores the fact that people’s mindsets are not easily changed just by being told what they should be doing. Often, we are well aware of what we need to change, “having a more positive attitude” for example, but we can’t just flick a switch and change our mindset, however much we’d like to. It takes something more than someone just explaining why it would be beneficial.

We really believe that too much money is invested in changing the external world of employees in order to motivate them (a new office refurb with bright furniture perhaps, or a gym membership for all staff) when in fact it is the internal state of individuals that needs to be addressed. A brighter office environment may raise spirits temporarily but after the initial interest has worn off, the same old sense of discontentment sets in again. This is because most humans have an innate feeling that things should be better. We spend our lives trying to achieve the next thing; school, university, job, marriage and so on, thinking at some point we are going to one day arrive at “happy”. Unfortunately, we never do. Why? Because we try to approach improving our internal state in the same way we would approach a project. And it doesn’t work.

Our suite of courses is flexible and can be adapted to suit the needs of your business.

You can choose from:

  • A full day course

  • A half day course

  • A bite size, lunch and learn taster workshop


You can choose to have your training tailored to your company’s needs in the following way:

  • As a standard “out of the box” course

  • As a tailored course - customised and adapted to suit your organisation’s needs

  • As a bespoke course - re-written from scratch to match your organisation's needs exactly

If you would like to know more, we would be delighted to come in and present the programme to you. 

“This inspiring  programme will enhance the way you live your life.”

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