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The SMILE System™

CPD Course for Healthcare Professionals

A key part of your progression within the adult social care sector will be focused on your personal development. In a number of sectors it is even a legal requirement to continue to develop your skills and knowledge and it is essential to ensure you are working to the most up to date standards and guidance.

Foundational Workshop

How To Stay Positive When Things Go Wrong? 
Building Resilience and Self-Belief Within Yourself and Others

Changing The Way You View & Deal With Challenges
Discover 6 Powerful Practices That Will Inspire You To Make The Most of Your Challenges

Building Resilience & Overcoming Overwhelm
Powerful Practices To Help You Stay Positive When Things Go Wrong


Knowledge, insights and practical techniques to help carers, social workers, therapists and other healthcare professionals stay positive, build personal resilience and overcome overwhelm.

 A personal growth, emotional wellbeing programme.


Learning Outcomes

Participants will learn the foundations of The SMILE System™ including strategies, tools and techniques to incorporate this unique positive living, positive thinking framework into their daily lives thereby positively impacting their wellbeing and work with others.


This workshop will provide participants with the skills to:


  • See and deal with challenging situations in a positive and empowering way 

  • Develop strategies that build personal resilience and influence team cohesion

  • Approach all situations with self-awareness, self-reflection and self-efficacy 

  • Examine the impact of work-life balance on overall wellbeing

  • Deal with change proactively

They will learn:  


  • Processes that nurture self-belief and build resilience 

  • Tools to help them feel inspired and motivated

  • Insights that support growth 



This workshop will inspire:

  • Improved Confidence 

  • A greater depth of self-efficacy 

  • Renewed commitment and motivation 

  • Enhanced self-awareness and self-regulation 

  • A refreshed approach and outlook 


Workshop participants will explore a number of approaches and devices to assist them in building resilience, nurturing self-belief and growing a positive mindset. These insights assist participants in identifying areas of significant overwhelm and provides a positive living, positive thinking framework to inspire an empowered approach to dealing with these challenges.


What are the benefits of continuous personal development?

  • be able to recognise and evaluate your learning and its real value.

  • identify your knowledge gaps and ways to address them.

  • plan more effectively to achieve your career goals.

  • demonstrate your commitment to your self-development, your career and to the wider IT industry.

Exciting News

Our online training and interactive eLearning courses 
will be launching very soon.

Exciting News

Our online training and interactive eLearning courses 
will be launching very soon.

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