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The SMILE System™ Audio Programme                                                                     

6 Inspiring Modules That Will Change The Way You View & Deal With Life’s Challenges

Price £397.00

Are you feeling stuck, overwhelmed or despondent?

Are you searching for something more?

Do you want to achieve a new level of success in a particular area of your life?

The SMILE System™ will help you view and deal with life’s challenges and obstacles in a positive and practical way, so that no matter what you are dealing with you remain strong, inspired and ready to move forward!

In this audio programme Ronit guides you through 6 inspiring modules, one module at a time, to help you apply the life-enhancing practices of The SMILE System™ into your daily life so that you can make the most of your challenges and your life.

The SMILE System 6-Part Audio Download Programme

This 6 CD box set includes 6 life-enhancing modules that bring The SMILE System™ to life:

CD1 – MODULE 1     Laying The Foundation: Discover your infinite potential

CD2 – MODULE 2     See Things Differently: Turn your challenges and obstacles into your greatest gifts

CD3 – MODULE 3     Master Your Mindset: Become the master of your life and destiny

CD4 – MODULE 4     Inspire Yourself: Propel yourself forward by doing something that inspires you

CD5 – MODULE 5     Let Go: Release the things that are holding you back so you can move forward

CD6 – MODULE 6     Enjoy The Process: See your life as an adventure and love the life you lead

In this audio programme you will:

  • Learn a variety of powerful personal growth techniques to help you stay positive and strong

  • Explore new ways to view and deal with life’s challenges

  • Feel inspired to take responsibility for your life and your happiness

  • Discover how to make the most of your challenges and your life

  • Connect to your inner strength and find inspiration and confidence from within

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